Decorative Asphalt

Time Striping discovered that many property owners and municipalities wanted affordable driveway paving options over just a plain, utilitarian, asphalt pavement. The problem has been that the traditional decorative pavement choices are costly. The cost of installing concrete paver bricks or stamped concrete is more than most are prepared to spend. Time wants you to realize that you have options when it comes to asphalt designs. Incorporating proprietary decorative asphalt technology, you can have decorative asphalt with an authentic look of brick, cobblestone or slate, economically installed throughout their properties or in specific feature areas.

Time combines two of the top technologies in decorative asphalt, StreetPrint® and StreetBond™. This allows us to offer our customers the most choices and pricing options.

StreetPrint® is the ability to create an impression into the asphalt surface using a combination of heat, a wire rope stamping tem-plate, and a plate compactor. This can be achieved by working behind a paver or reheating the asphalt with true-infrared asphalt reheating technology.

Our StreetBond™ line of pavement coatings can transform pavement with color and increase solar reflectivity, while also serving to revitalize, rejuvenate and extend pavement life.

The technology has come so far. Time has the ability to go in and reheat a driveway, up to eight years old, versus bringing in new blacktop. What is nice about the patterns and colors is that we are able to do patios, sidewalks, crosswalks, traffic circles and bike lanes. It’s not just limited to driveways and parking lots.