Gilsonite Sealer/Binder Emulsion GSB-88

Time Striping believes it has responsibility to the environment as contractors, to our company to reduce cost, and to our customer to offer quality and affordable green solutions when possible.  GSB-88 was the first emulsion in the country to subjected to a full EPA study proving its positive impact on our environment. This same product is currently experiencing additional and expanded environmental tests, to prove its effectiveness at saving money as well as the world’s resources. Our GSB-88 works, and we have the documentation to prove it works. It has been tested by groups such as the Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Defense, the US Navy, FAA, state Departments of Transportation, and dozens of other agencies around the country. Results have been outstanding.

GSB-88 is an emulsified, gilsonite-enhanced, pavement sealer. It is one of the most environmentally sound pavement preservation products on the market. It has a 22 year history of performance that has been well-documented by its continued and ever-expanding use nationwide. The product has been used extensively in both early stage pavement preservation, as well as reactive late stage applications for badly raveled and deteriorated pavements. It has been successfully used as a construction seal for new pavements, to mend construction related problems, and it is the ideal product to fend off the aging process that starts immediately after construction is completed. GSB-88 is the best of both worlds.

Appropriate applications include preventive maintenance treatments over oxidized or aging pavement, and helping to prevent further degradation of pavement with failing binders that are losing aggregate and causing excessive raveling. GSB-88 creates a “lock-down” effect, adding years of service life to the pavement.

GSB-88 comes with the services of Time Striping as knowledgeable and willing to help as any in the pavements maintenance industry. From pre-project pavement evaluation to personnel overseeing & doing the job, Time is here to help ensure your success. Our aim is for no question to go unanswered, and for your project results to exceed expectations.