GSB-88 Gilsonite Sealer/Binder for Airfields

Time Striping is excited to now be able to offer GSB-88! This sealer-binder product has treated more than 50 million square yards of airfield pavements on more than 325 projects over the past twenty years.

Gilsonite-enhanced, “as green as it gets,” water-based GSB-88 emulsion performs without equal, and provides a new black pavement appearance that lasts for years. Cure time is minimal. Plus, it is environmentally low impact and offers exceptional re-turn on investment (ROI). All of this is backed by thorough documentation.

Along with product data, GSB-88 comes with the services of Time Striping, a company as knowledgeable and willing to help as any in the aviation pavement preservation industry. From pre-project pavement evaluation to doing the job, Time is here to help ensure your success. Our aim is for no question to go unanswered, and for your project results to exceed expectations.

The product has been used extensively in both early stage pavement preservation, as well as reactive late stage applications for badly raveled and deteriorated pavements. It has been successfully used as a construction seal for new pavements, to mend construction related problems, and it is the ideal product to fend off the aging process that starts immediately after construction is completed. GSB-88 is the best of both worlds.

Appropriate applications include preventive maintenance treatments over oxidized or aging pavement, and helping to prevent further degradation of runway pavement with failing binders that are losing aggregate and causing excessive raveling. GSB-88® creates a “lock-down” effect, rejuvenating the existing surface binder and adding years of service life to the pavement.