Joint Sealing


What is Joint Sealing? 

The most widely accepted definition of a joint sealant today is a material that minimizes both infiltration of surface water and incompressible material into the joint system of concrete pavements. 

Time Striping performs new concrete pavement joint sealing as well as, resealing of existing concrete pavements, using a wide array of materials including: hot poured asphaltic and cold applied silicone

Without planned joints, new pavement will experience random cracking within the first 72 hours of life. This random cracking is aesthetically undesirable and can be detrimental to the long-term durability of the pavement. Cuts sawed into the surface of hardening concrete form a line of weakness, causing the concrete to crack below the saw cut instead of cracking randomly.  The saw cut is done large enough to be a reservoir for the joint sealant material.

On older pavements, it is necessary to reseal joints periodically. Simply pouring new sealant over existing will not restore pavement joints.  Removing the old sealant and cleaning the joint faces are essential steps. These processes provide a surface to which the new sealant can bond. Time typically performs this task by re-sawing the joints with diamond blade saws.

Before the joints are sealed, new or re-seals, the joints must be cleaned to remove incompressible materials such as saw-cut debris, soil, sand, or gravel. Cleaning can be accomplished by sand blasting.

Time Striping’s typical hot-pour sealant provides an average of 3 to 5 years of life after proper installation. Some of our PVC coal-tars can perform well past 8 years. Time’s silicone sealants have performed well for periods exceeding 8 to 10 years on roadways. This type of performance hinges on joint preparation and installation.   It is of extreme importance that the joint be clean and dry.

Resealing often is postponed beyond the time when it truly is needed due to a lack of knowledge that it is needed or failure to budget ahead.  No matter what your situation, call us and we will help you discover all the options and help determine what will work best for you!