Curbs & Speed Bumps

Time Striping is a major distributor of GNR Technologies® a manufacturer of rubber parking lot safety solutions. GNR designs and manufactures traffic control products that help cars navigate and park safely.

All of our rubber solutions are manufactured from 100% recycled truck tires. Rubber speed bumps or parking blocks, for example, are longer lasting, highly visible, and more car-friendly than asphalt or concrete alternatives. Not only are Times’ traffic safety solutions environmentally friendly, they can also be installed for both temporary and / or permanent use.

Recycled rubber is flexible and conforms to any paved or concrete surface. Does not break, crack, chip, or rot.

Our products include:

  • Parking Curbs
  • Speed bumps
  • Mini curbs
  • Delineators
  • Wall guards
  • Corner guards
  • Alley bumps
  • And more!