Parking Lot Striping


Time Striping offers complete layout and parking lot striping, using the very best striping equipment and Sherwin-Williams traffic paints, the most durable striping paint available on the market. Whether your lot striping needs are for a new layout & design, or you’re simply striping over existing stripes. We can keep you current on all codes with regards to handicap marking requirements.

Time Striping is a full service parking area maintenance company. We provide the expertise, knowledge and high-grade, professional equipment and staff to help you maintain your investment and ensure the best looking and safe parking areas on your property. 

First impressions matter. What’s outside your business is the first thing your customers notice. Seeing well-maintained grounds with a newly striped parking lot with clear pavement marking instills a sense of confidence that visitors and customers will have a positive experience in your place of business. Neglect your parking lot and grounds, and people will begin to drive by without stopping.

When crosswalks, stop areas, and no parking zones are clearly marked, traffic is efficiently routed so that your customers and suppliers can easily find pickup areas and loading zones. Your goal as a property manager is to get as many cars as possible organized and on the lot. Proper use of pavement marking maximizes the amount of space available and makes the flow of traffic in and out of your parking lot more efficient.

Time is committed to providing superior professional service and highly trained technicians to help our parking lot customers get the most out of their investments!
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