Asphalt Rejuvenation


Time Striping uses WD-2000 Asphalt Rejuvenator by Lone Star Specialties as our rejuvenator of choice for all asphalt pavement projects that require a treatment to rejuvenate and extend the life of the pavement.

Asphalt is an organic material and is thus susceptible to the actions of nature.  From the day it is placed, asphalt pavements begin to deteriorate.   Air, water and ultraviolet rays from the sun cause the surface to oxidize.

Asphalt rejuvenators work by penetrating pavement surfaces and restoring the chemical imbalances found in aging asphalt.  This process dramatically reduces viscosity and brittleness while increasing ductility and flexibility.

In addition to its ability to rejuvenate, WD-2000 is a very effective sealer.  The capability to penetrate gives WD-2000 unique sealing characteristics.  Asphalt surfaces treated with WD-2000 are protected from ultraviolet rays as well as being fuel, water, and chemical resistant.

WD-2000 is durable.  During thermal cycles, WD-2000 contracts and expands at the same rate as the asphalt. In comparison, coal-tar emulsions and other seal coats simply lay on the surface.   These products undergo a markedly differing expansion and contraction rate from the asphalt.   This eventually leads to cracking, pin-holing, and delaminating.   WD-2000 does not suffer from these problems; through penetration, it becomes an integral part of the asphalt.

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