Pavement Treatments


Creating and maintaining curb appeal is challenging for busy retail owners and managers due to hectic schedules and budget constraints.  A proactive plan to manage your parking lot, concrete curbing and concrete walkway maintenance is an ideal way to protect your company’s curb appeal and get more mileage from your maintenance budget.

Time Striping offers a complete line of options when it comes to pavement treatment choices for your parking lot areas.  Whether your pavement conditions call for crack seal, joint seal, sealcoating, GSB-88, or pavement rejuvenation, we have an option to help you fully maintain your pavement surface, whatever your needs.

Review the various options we offer in more detail under our Pavement Maintenance section;

  1. Rejuvenation
  2. Sealcoat
  3. GSB-88
  4. Crack Seal
  5. Joint Seal