Roadside Mount Guide Signs

Time Striping has an entire dedicated team of technicians with all the special equipment necessary to provide and install whatever custom Roadside Mounted Guide Signs/Expressway and Freeway Signs for Wayfinding that the specific needs of your project require.  Our crews cover an extensive area ranging from all of Arkansas, to southern Louisiana, to northern Oklahoma, from western Tennessee, and to northern Texas, and more.

Time Striping uses aluminum extruded panel signs, which are composed of multiple 12" extruded panels bolted together to form the size required.   When necessary, a 6" panel is also available.   The face of the extruded panels can be covered with a variety of materials ranging from a high performance reflective sheeting to a non-reflective paint.

Roadside mounted guide/wayfinding signs are warranted at many important locations and are essential to the following circumstances;

  • To direct drivers along streets and highways
  • To inform drivers of intersecting routes
  • To inform drivers of upcoming exit businesses, fuel stops, food locations, etc.
  • To direct drivers to cities, towns, villages, or other important destinations
  • To identify nearby rivers and streams, parks, forests, and historical sites
  • To generally to give such information as will help drivers along their way in the most simple, direct manner possible.