Seal Coating


Time Striping uses Star-Seal Supreme Sealcoat, a heavy-duty, low violate, refined tar sealant designed to protect asphalt.  Composed of high temperature refined coal tar pitch, a specialized clay system, select mineral fillers, and proprietary emulsifiers, the hot blending allows the optimum fusion of these ingredients.  Star-Seal forms a tough, durable, and flexible coating that protects asphalt from the damaging elements of weather, water, salts, oils, gas and a myriad of other chemicals.   Made in a batch process, where each carefully selected raw material is electronically measured and metered, Star-Seal is the most consistent sealer, gallon after gallon, after gallon.

Time has found that Star-Seal Supremes' performance is unmatched by other “premium”, competitive sealers, which are generally made by post adding a latex rubber to the regular sealer.  Post added at normal temperatures, the latex rubber does not adequately fuse into the refined tar to produce the desired performance properties.  In addition to this you also need to beware of “shady” contractors spraying watered-down sealers. 

Two coats of Star-Seal Supreme are applied to achieve an application rate of 45-50 SF per gallon, with an additive of fine sand to increase traction on the surface. A minimum cure time of 24 hours after application should be observed before traffic is allowed onto the area.   If you take a look at our jobsites, you will see that Time Striping applies the best sealer available!